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Motivating Students with Executive Functioning Difficulties is achievable with the right resources and training.

While many of our services and resources are available for free download we also offer more in-depth resources that are available for purchase.

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The Effect of Co-teaching on Student Cognitive Engagement
Innovative and Encouraging Research and Application of Co – teaching in Rural Settings: An
Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 2 of

Learning Equalizer provides comprehensive resources, and development courses/programs, to improve the education experience for everyone involved.

Learning should not be a challenge in itself.

Find out more about Dr. Daley, Learning Equalizer, and how comprehensive the process is.

Jaime True Daley, Ed. D.

  • Associate Director of Literacy at University of Delaware
  • National Board Certified Exceptional Needs Specialist  Education Researcher, Consultant
  • B.C.B.A. 2019


  • Tutoring for grades K-18 in reading, writing, mathematics  
  • Coaching for organization, self-management, social skills


  • Educational testing and diagnostics with formal evaluation report
  • Consultation and coaching for behavior management


Professional Development on topics such as: 
  • Evidence-based computer assisted instruction
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Using technology to systematize data-driven intervention
  • Co-teaching
  • Guided reading, Wilson Reading Intervention, Foundations Reading Intervention
  • Schema-Based and Visual Representations in Mathematics Problem Solving
  • Accommodating students with disabilities in the general education setting and on state-wide assessments
  • Legally defensible and student-centered IEP development, implementation, and compliance
  • Implementing RTI through three tiers of evidence-based assessment and intervention
  • Positive behavior interventions and support, including functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention planning
  • Evaluating and diagnosing educational disabilities

About Us

Learning Equalizer is dedicated to making the classroom, and the learning experience, a safe, inclusive, space for all.


Making Learning Equalizer even more accessible we now offer easy to download and integrate resources to get quick effective results.

The Resources below are intended to be used in tandem with Learning Equalizer Professional Development, and/or Parent Training Session(s).

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Homework Help

Support students at home with these strategies.

Behavior Management

Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behavior
Prevention, de-escalation, and crisis intervention strategies for home and school.

Motivation & Engagement

Disrupt a fixed mindset to engage students in rigorous learning

The products available on this page are downloadable visual and graphic organizers that can be used as low-tech instructional and assessment accommodations during math instruction for grades 1-5.


Use an iPhone 6+ case to engage learners with interactive visual representations of math concepts!
Simply download the 3-page PDF, print, cut representations into 3″ * 5″ size, laminate, and place in the case. Students can use dry erase markers to use and reuse the representations to solve problems.


All the visual representations students need in a handy flip-book with content vocabulary to achieve 100% engagement and participation!


  1. Download the “How To Starter Page.” Use the instructions to create the resource toolkit for your students.  
  2. Download the remaining pages to fill a binder with interactive tools. 
  3. Upload these tools to your own website, as Google Docs, or as One Drive “Read Only” templates to allow students to use them with their electronic devices.


Individual Tools

The services and products offered are backed by multiple accreditations,  years of experience, and a passion for helping others on their path to succeed.

Find out more about Dr. Jaime Daley,  Learning Equalizer, and how comprehensive our services are.

The Assistive Technology program equips teachers and administrators with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to expand their classrooms beyond their walls.  Every participant completes the program knowing evidence-based practices of computer assisted instruction, collaboration with colleagues and families, and leading others to employ effective and efficient teaching and learning technologies.  Every participant receives a device, customized with research-based tools. 
Using evidence based practices, Our program delivers educators the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to engage diverse students with confidence.  The knowledge gained through this program enables teachers and administrators to return to their schools ready to introduce these concepts into their day-to-day practices.  Hands on workshops allow educators to master skills with expert guidance. The program also provides educators with the hardware and software tools to make the knowledge and skills learned easy to implement.  Customized technology tools learned in this program allow educators to feel like they have a co-teacher in the palm of their hands.
Our program is broad reaching, but tailored to individual schools, administrators, and teachers.  Whether a school is looking to educate their entire faculty through professional development programs, inspire their administrative staff with the latest educational best practices, or empower a small group of teachers, the Assistive Technology program is always designed around your unique needs!

assistive technology

The various resources found below are derived from presentations Learning Equalizer has directed throughout the country.

Please feel free to utilize these materials to better your client’s experience. To schedule a presentation, or to get even more information, please use our Contact Form below.


Inventory of Child Interests and Abilities
Parent / Guardian Survey
Full color presentation with notes

How to Take a B.R.E.a.K. 

executive functioning

Motivating Students with Executive Functioning Difficulties is achievable with the right resources and training.

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